The beautiful weather in Phoenix, Arizona creates ample opportunity to enjoy a variety of attractions year round.
Heritage Square, an town lined with restored historic homes, is a popular area with many shops and restaurants.
These buildings typically date to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Phoenix Art Museum has a collection covering
the European Renaissance and Baroque, the Far East and the American West. The museum also holds modern and
contemporary works, fashion design, live performances and films. The Arizona Science Center has hundreds of interactive
exhibits perfect for children. Each of the five galleries had its own unique theme. In addition, there are also featured
exhibitions, an IMAX theater, and a 200-seat planetarium. Also visit the Papago Park, a 1,200-acre public park that offers
fishing lagoons, cycling paths, nature trails and a golf course. Located in Papago Park are the Phoenix Zoo and
the Desert Botanical Garden. More the 1,400 animals call this zoo home. There are four different trails that visitor’s can
follow: the Africa Trail, Tropics Trails, Arizona Trail, and Children’s Trail. Fifteen Major League Baseball team utilize the
warm Arizona sun for spring training every year. Teams have been training here since 1947. Whether you are
enjoying the mountains or checking out the museums, there is an endless list of attractions to enjoy while visiting the Phoenix area!

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